January Support


Does it feel as if the beginning of every year mirrors the last? Goals are set with just the right amount of caution to make them feel achievable, but lofty enough to satisfy the desperate urge for change. Vision boards are created, lists made and often times, gym memberships purchased. The month of January is usually one of compliance. (I know this because my classes are overflowing with newcomers)! Then what? Schedules become full, distractions set in, and by about mid-February, we spiral into the habits of the year prior and throw those goals out the window.

Sound familiar?

The problem is not your chosen set of goals. It is not your laziness or your inability to move forward and make changes. Millions of people face the same scenario year after year. Why? Change is not easy. No matter how deep our desire and instinct towards evolution may be, letting go of what was once serving us - be it habits, relationships, work situations - is frightening, as what is on the other side of that, the unknown is uncertain. We hold on to the pain we are experiencing for fear that what lies in the unknown will be worse. It is in our DNA for survival reasons to protect ourselves and hold on to the well-known dark instead of embracing the light of possibility. So how do we take a leap of faith and rewire our habitual set point?

Fatima and I believe the answer lies in one of the foundational tenets of Deep Health Evolution. That is, community, a big part of that being accountability. We can’t do it on our own folks! We need solid accountability every day. There is a quote by Jim Rohn that says you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. It may just be worth your while to think about this. Who are the people you spend the most time with? Do they share your values and support your ambitions? The people we surround ourselves with have a huge impact on our thought patterns and behaviors, and these, in turn, set the course of our lives.

Build your crew. Think of friends, family and coworkers that move you forward, support you and who possess qualities you admire and aspire for yourself.

Coaches can also be instrumental for change. - coaches who can be fully present, help uncover unique strengths and wisdom, and help craft personalized solutions with judgement free support.

Need help finding a coach? Send us a note. Both Fatima and myself are trained and experienced coaches and work both in person in the NYC area as well as virtually.

On that note…want to hang with a small group of like minded individuals? As many of you already know, we are now hosting retreats and have a separate website dedicated to them. The next one is coming up in a couple of weeks. It is a restorative weekend retreat in the beautiful Catskills from January 11-13. We still have some room. Click HERE to sign up. Make unforgettable memories and friends and experience a taste of how we approach a Deep Health lifestyle!

Happy New Year! That this may be the best, brightest and soul-satisfying one yet, in the deepest health.