Deep Health Evolution 6-month Health Coach Program

Do you want to make a change involving eating healthier, beginning a work out habit or learning how to work out smarter, prioritizing sleep, or simply finding greater happiness and fulfillment?  Creating shifts and changing deeply ingrained behaviors is really hard.  We often do not know how to meet ourselves as we are - to determine where to begin and what steps to take in order to achieve our goals.  Here is where a well-trained integrative holistic health coach can make a profound difference.

We work with clients one-on-one to address health, wellness, and lifestyle goals, taking a holistic approach to create lifelong, sustainable results. We begin with an initial consultation during which we review your current lifestyle, challenges you may be facing, and overall goals. From there, we co-create an individualized plan for lasting success and are there to support you along the way as we continue to work together! 

We see clients from all over the world, and sessions are held over email, phone, or Skype/FaceTime. For Los Angeles locals, we are able to offer in-person services.

Our services include nutrition consulting, health coaching, fitness coaching, spiritual coaching and self-care coaching. We specialize in digestive health, weight management, movement optimization and fitness performance, but also help clients deal with a wide range of health and lifestyle concerns such as hormone imbalances, skin issues, sugar addictions, and stress management. We also teach healthy cooking skills for individuals as well as families.

During this 6 month program you will connect with us for 55 minute sessions twice a month, either in person or virtually.  Together, we will discover your deeper motivations, help you face your fears and limitations and develop strategies to work with them.  We will determine goals and create a personal blueprint for lasting change with accountability, full support and our expertise.

Your investment for this transformative Deep Health Evolution 6-month Health Coach program is $3,000.

Deep Health Evolution 6-month Complete Program

Age is the true intersection of the past with the future – where you have been impacts where you will go.  Right “now” is more than a moment in time.  It is the diagonal line between past and future and where Deep Health Evolution begins.

How can you own and define your own evolution?

Deep Health Evolution is a custom six-month program that will help you do just that.  Your commitment and dedication to your goals begins here.

Over the next 6 months you will profoundly improve your health, physically transform, nourish yourself, sleep better, find a deeper sense of peace and contentment, calm the inner chatter in your mind, learn and implement new daily routines so you can be stronger and healthier. You will also experience much less stress and have powerful tools to deal with the stress when it does appear…and inevitably, it will.

Your 6-month package includes:

1. Two weekly 1 to 1.5 hour sessions for 6 months. We will work on our schedules together, accommodating for all personal and professional commitments.

2. Breath work and Mental Conditioning: We will teach you how to reconnect to your breathing to increase vitality, energy, mental clarity, improve digestion, decrease stress and inflammation.  Coupled with mental conditioning, you will train yourself to become calm and focused and learn to find balance no matter what life throws at you.  A mental conditioning practice allows you to experience a profound sense of relaxation, dissolving fatigue and stress. Science has found that this type of daily practice can lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, decrease anxiety and depression, and even reverse some of the biological markers of aging.  

3. Two Week Deep Health Nutrition Optimization:  This 2-week focus on nutrition is designed to have an immediate and effective shift in your health.  You will learn to revamp your pantry and fridge, eliminate sugar and other inflammatory foods from your diet, by creating easy to follow eating guidelines and daily rituals around mealtimes. Your new eating habits will help you improve body composition, boost your energy, help you sleep better, and nourish you in a way that is sustainable for the future.

4. A custom “anywhere” practice guide and two-hour private session in addition to the weekly scheduled sessions where we will teach you the most important things about creating your home movement practice. The guide we create for you will be a resource designed to evolve with you for years to come.

Your total investment to evolve into the best version of yourself for the six months is $13,200. As part of your package, we will include the following:

1. Video and audio support with materials we create together to ensure your success.

2. Deep Health Sleep Support plan based on individual conditions including recommendations of supplements and an analysis of current sleep habits and environment towards achieving optimal sleep.

3. Access to our referral guide.


75 minute, one-time consultation, $275.

Kitchen Pantry and Food Prep Consulting

Get to know your kitchen and take charge of your own health. We work with clients one-on-one to teach them how to clean up their kitchens and pantries, grocery shop and meal plan, prep nourishing AND delicious foods.

75 minute, one-time consultation, $275.

Contact us for more information.

Private Chef

Have us over to create a customized healthful, balanced, organic and soulful meal in the comfort of your home! We’ll do all the shopping, prep, cooking and clean-up with or without your involvement. We even give you the option of enjoying supply low -sugar, low-alcohol natural wines to have with your meal! Are you salivating yet?

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Private Retreats

The best way to let go of what no longer serves you and reset your life with new practices that do, is to remove yourself from your everyday setting - and preferably surround yourself in nature and with like minded people. We offer retreats throughout the year, both locally and abroad, but also put together customized private retreats for individuals as well as small groups. In a private group we have the ability to personalize every single detail just for you.

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Custom Corporate Wellness Programming

We can work with you to create an integrative, holistic wellness program to work seamlessly with your business.  Contact us for more information.