GREGG COOK’s greatest passion is to provide the world with the tools to take health, strength and joy into their own hands by way of lifestyle.

As a true believer in experiential learning, his immersion in health and fitness for the past 30 years has allowed him to develop a unique blueprint.  He distills complex information into simple, digestible parts for his clients. Now, nearing 50, he is at the peak of health, living in a body chronologically much older, but radically healthier.  He approaches classes and clients with unwavering dedication, guiding every individual to take their health into their own hands and reach their true potential.  Grounded in his own experience, Gregg has a unique ability to reach people at all levels.  His enthusiastic and compassionate belief in people is contagious.  Coupled with his tough-love style of coaching, even the most skeptical are convinced the stronger, fitter, happier supercharged future “self” is well within reach. 

Gregg applies a full-spectrum approach to training, including in-depth functional mobility, strength training, mental conditioning, and training the all-important muscle, the heart, to support it all.  He carefully balances hard work with one of the most overlooked parts of training, regeneration and recovery, a topic in which Gregg has mastered.  With a beginner’s mind and an insatiable thirst for knowledge, Gregg arms himself with copious amounts of cutting edge research, relentlessly sifting through piles of confusing information to find the real working, transformative truths for himself and his clients.

For the past 2 decades, Gregg has been teaching consistently packed classes in NYC at one of the most notable gyms in the world, Equinox.  He is a Daily Burn 365 Trainer, delivering live streaming workouts to members across the country, has been on the TODAY show and Good Morning America and been featured in New York Magazine, Shape and more.  Gregg has published 2 books on fitness and is a frequent key-note speaker for numerous organizations, universities and conferences.  Celebrity clients include Nicole Kidman, Antoine Fuqua, Kelly Ripa, Marc Consuelos, and several Victoria Secret supermodels.

FATIMA COOK possesses a keen ability to envision and create beauty in all things and her Deep Health blueprint balances the demands of modern day life with an effortless approach to healthy eating, powerful movement, a calm and peaceful mind and a beautiful home.

Her journey has taken many turns, infused with both the amazing and the difficult.  With a strong affinity towards craftsmanship and art, Fatima began her career as a luxury goods buyer.  A decade of incredible experiences later, she decided it was time for change.  She entertained several other paths (jewelry design, interior design, and clothing design, just to name a few).  Cooking, movement and health are the three things that remained constant all the while.  It is the culmination of her successes, but more prominently her failures, that finally led Fatima to the co-creation of Deep Health.  She combines her background and artistic vision with continuous self-development and a strong meditation practice.  She is a certified Institute for Integrative Nutrition health coach, infusing her knowledge with personal, intuitive and life-learned sensibilities to guide her clients into design their own healthy, happy and stress-managed lives.