"Fatima Cook was my health coach for six months. When I began, I was very confused on how to eat a healthy diet because of all the conflicting information that is available online and in books. I was also going through a difficult time emotionally and felt lost in many areas of my life. In six months, Fatima helped me to connect with my body again and find a food plan that works best for me. I also began a gratitude and a meditation practice. I have let go of many negative emotions and beliefs that were holding me back in life. Additionally, I started pursuing my passion of writing and I'm even in the midst of writing my first novel. I feel healthy, happy and at peace and am excited for my future for the first time in years. I am so grateful for all the guidance, support and wisdom Fatima shared with me that has been life changing. I highly recommend working with her."

“I just feel like you were meant to inspire people. Truly love you, and admire you! You and Gregg are kicking ass!”

“Fatima, and Gregg are the fittest couple I know, and it is amazing how they lead you into wellness primarily through the simplest steps surrounding fitness, diet and mental training. They became my source of wellness wisdom! If I don’t know where to look for answers, there they are pointing at what feels to me like the right direction. Thank you for everything so far! You both are amazing people!”

“When you take a spin class with Greg Cook, it's not just a sweat-inducing heart-pumping physical workout - it's one of the most spiritual and soul-searching hours you'll spend (short of meditating in a cave). For Cook, peddling the bike is simply a metaphor for life: how much are you willing to leave everything else outside and be here in the moment? How much are you willing and push and challenge yourself? With this Zen-like spin class, you'll not only go far beyond your limits, but in less than an hour, you're likely to find your own path.”

Margie Goldsmith
writer, novelist, essayist

“Gregg has such an impact on me as a fitness fanatic that I will follow him club to club. His classes are cutting edge, unique and dare I say - fun! Gregg is an inspiration all around - he's in amazing shape which inspires and pushes me and he's always offering up his extensive knowledge in the health and fitness field. In his Terracycle classes, I really feel like I am part of a cycling team riding on the open roads or competing in a race to the top of a mountain. His energy and GREAT music provide an all-around motivational fitness experience!”

Chamisa Lamm
MTV fashion stylist

“Although I must confess to having cursed Gregg outloud during a workout or two, he is one of my favorite Daily Burn trainers! What I love about Gregg's workouts is that they always feel simultaneously challenging and SAFE. I've experienced chronic low back pain and some knee pain since my early 20s, including a herniated disc that left me barely walking for 3 months, and my history of working out since then has always been spotty and often led to pain. Since I have begun doing 365 regularly, for about the past year, my back pain has diminished a lot, and I attribute it to trainers like Gregg who are mindful about the body, while still being insistent about the strength and endurance challenges! I so appreciate Gregg's holistic approach to exercise, and he has a real gift for verbally communicating how to relate to our body and movement in ways that challenge and protect it. Thank you, Gregg!”

“It's hard to say what I loved most (about the retreat). It was all great. The location, the people, the activities, and the meals. It was a pretty perfect week.”