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A Mother's Day Gift Guide

Motherhood - complicated in an other-worldly-sort of way.  What does it mean to be a mother?  It's indescribable love, passion and joy.  It's immeasurable frustration and doubt.  It is reaching deep into the cavernous shadows of the soul and learning the true nature of existence.  Motherhood reevaluates purpose.  It is the ultimate proof of spirit.  That a being can grow inside of a woman's body and become a person outside of her to carry on the human experience, is evidence that motherhood is a job to be matched by no other.

Although we know that mamas should be revered everyday for all they do, next Sunday is officially her day.  It's tough to come up with a pretty little package whose contents can truly represent paragraph 1, but here is our feeble attempt.   In any case, they will certainly put a smile on her face!

These will cost you some money.

1. Alitura Naturals Skin Care Products.  The face mask and night cream are by far more effective then anything else we've ever tried.  The ingredients are completely natural and you'd even be safe eating it - although we wouldn't recommend that!  Be forewarned, the face mask smells very "natural".    

2. An organic wine subscription from Dry Farm Wines.  These wines are low sugar, natural, additive, mycotoxin and mold free.  If she is going to enjoy a glass of wine, she shouldn't have to deal with the negative effects that often follow.  

3. Her very own hemp oil subscription.  We've talked a lot about this already so we won't get into it again now.  It's the new and improved "mother's little helper".  If you want to learn more read our blog post.  

4. A spot in our Mobility + Hemp Oil special event on May 19th.  Even better than a massage, she will come home feeling relaxed, balanced, and like she got a challenging, but also therapeutic workout.

5. Essential Oils from Snow Lotus.  Their French Lavender is incredible.

6. A private yoga lesson at home with the amazing Hannah Gruber.

7. A transformative week on an all inclusive, intimate wellness retreat in Spain (with us, of course).  This is the ultimate, rare experience.  We've thought of everything you would ever need to gently reset and nourish your body, mind and spirit.  She will come back rejuvenated and inspired.

8. A blissful, spiritually moving massage with the therapist we've been working with for almost 20 years.  Geraldine Abergas.  No one even comes close.  Hands down.

These will cost you some time, but will leave your wallet alone.

1. A back rub, a foot rub, a scalp massage.  You get the idea.

2. A >20 second hug.  Who doesn't love a hug?  Research indicates it takes about 20 seconds for the body to release oxytocin and dopamine from a hug and this is especially helpful in women for heart health. Sprinkle these in throughout the day.

3. Something home made.  How about medicinal mushroom infused dark chocolate?  Here's an easy and delicious recipe from Four Sigmatic.

4. A photo book of last year's pictures with quotes.  A friend of ours gifts this to her partner every year.  So thoughtful and absolutely priceless.

5. Time alone to do whatever she wants without leaving her a mess to clean up when she returns.


(Full disclosure:  We are affiliates of a few of these brands listed above.  While we make a little bit of money if you make a purchase using our links, it is at no extra cost to you.  We have tried each of these products, honestly believe in them and would otherwise never recommend them).