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Sneak Peek into the Week #1

We are going to begin giving you a sneak peek into what we are up to every week.  Basically, you will be receiving a short email listing a few things we've discovered or are interested in for the week.  Hopefully it will inspire your readings and insights!


  • Unplugged by Brian MacKenzie, Dr. Andy Galpin and Phil White.  How to reconnect with our own bodies and brains in the midst of technology.
  • Deskbound: Standing Up to a Sitting World by Kelly Starrett.  This is exactly what we preach everyday.  Movement all day, everyday!
  • Jungle Effect by Daphne Miller.  An interesting account of how health can be transformed through our ancestor's foods.  The author provides several recipes prepared in the traditional fashion from cultures around the world where modern diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and depression are virtually non-existent.  (We are planning on picking a "culture of the month" and try preparing some of these foods every weekend.  If you are interested in trying with us, let us know and we will post the recipes we are making).



  • The Founder Exercise for decompressing the spine and strengthening the core.  Check it out here.


  • JOOVV light.  This light provides full-body biophotomodulation therapy.  Why would we use such a thing?   It's proposed virtues include a variety of ailments such as skin issues (bye-bye wrinkles, acne and stretch marks), muscle recovery, joint inflammation, testosterone production and mood enhancement.  So far we are feeling the mood boosting benefits, which in our honest opinion makes the product worth while already.  We will report back on the other benefits in a few weeks.

Finally, would you like to travel with us?  We are working on creating experiences where the space will be safe to transform your life course.  A place where you can disengage from every day life and habits and upgrade your, reconnect with deeper movement, allow your mind to decompress and focus, learn to make and eat nourishing foods, while immersed in nature?  DEEP HEALTH EXPERIENCES are coming your way soon.  Please email us to be first to learn about our virgin voyage.  Spaces will be very limited!