Mobility 5 - Hips

Hip Circles starting position. Always with a smile:)

Hip Circles starting position. Always with a smile:)

Oh those hips…a problem area for so many of us. This is because the hips are comprised of over 20 muscles, each responsible for stability for the pelvis, lateral motions, and the movement of the knees towards the chest which happens every time you sit, walk, run, pedal on a bike, jump, and climb stairs. The hip muscles are hard workers and can get tight and shortened pretty easily. If ignored this can eventually can lead to reduced range of motion throughout the joint, weak glutes, and low back pain. The key to prevent and/or fix this is not only stretching, but also strengthening the muscles around the hip joints. Mobility exercises 5, hip circles (and 6, which you will get next week) will help do just that.


Stand barefoot (unless out and about) with your feet flat on the ground, wider than shoulder width apart. Spread the floor with your feet and firmly contract all the muscles of your lower body. Place your hands on your hips.

Push your hips forward as far as they will go. Slowly begin to create the biggest circle possible with your hips, first moving to the left side, then to the back and around to the right side, then back to starting position. Move with focus and intention, but not haste.

Do this 3x to the left before repeating in the opposite direction.


  1. Think of the the movement coming from your hips, not your torso.

  2. Pay attention to what you are feeling throughout the exercise. Strong tension is fine, but beware of any pinch points. Work around them.

  3. Move slowly and deliberately, especially through the tightest points.

Next Up: Hip Sockets

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