Food Manifesto

Do you feel incarcerated by dietary labels?  It seems that everywhere we look, there are new dietary dogmas categorizing who we are, carefully dividing us into Paleo, Ketogenic, Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Pescatarian, Vegan, Raw, Raw Paleo, Dairy Free, Grain Free, etc, etc, etc.  We identify with these labels sometimes so deeply, it is as if one bite of the "forbidden fruit" (or pasta or meat) will destroy who you believe you are, who you associate with, i.e. make you immediately and irreparably overweight and banish you from the gates of dietary heaven.  Yet every day there is new scientific research pointing to what is good and bad for your health.  This information is often contradictory, always confusing and ultimately exhausting.  It is no wonder we don't really know how and what to eat.

We've been guilty of this many times over and fortunately, through these experiences, have become wiser.  Eating well can be simple.  And so, here is our basic Food Manifesto.  Follow it and you should be fine.

  1. Eat fresh and local and wild.
  2. Eat vegetables mostly.  Many, and a variety.
  3. Eat slowly and gratefully.
  4. Chew well.
  5. Don't overstuff yourself.
  6. Drink good, clean water.
  7. Avoid processed and/or added sugar.
  8. Avoid seed oils.
  9. Avoid processed food.
  10. Avoid excessive alcohol.
  11. Don't overdo anything.
  12. Pay attention to your body, its cravings and how it feels after eating.
  13. BONUS: Move after eating.