How to eat on Thanksgiving.

Image via Our Food Stories

Image via Our Food Stories

Our overall philosophy in life in general applies to Thanksgiving as well. And that is, life is to be relished. Thanksgiving is a celebration of gratitude - of health, of happiness, of friends and family, and the opening of the holiday season. Be kind to yourself and please, allow yourself to enjoy - guilt free. One “off-the-rails” meal is likely not going to make much of a difference in your body composition and digestive health overall, but the memories of your Thanksgiving experience will.

If you were hoping we’d give you a step-by-step plan on how to skillfully maneuver in a healthful way the overwhelming amount of food usually served on this abundant holiday, here is a loose one.

  1. Move throughout the day. Take walks. Play some games like touch football or tag with the kids. Put on some groovy tunes and dance while you cook. Throw in random squats, push ups (insert exercise of choice) here and there.

  2. Do a high intensity interval training before the big meal.

  3. If #2 is not possible, a quick 30-60 second intense move just before the meal will help with blood sugar regulation.

  4. Appreciate the food with all your senses - smell, sight, mouth-feel and taste. This not only will feel good but will also slow you down.

  5. Start with greens and lots of them.

  6. If you are going to drink alcohol, choose low sugar wines and cocktails. If you are having a cocktail, mix in some bitters. Bitter herbs are digestive aids, blood sugar regulators and super tasty.

  7. Pace yourself with alcohol. Have a glass of water in between for every drink, or have 2 sips of water for every sip of alcohol.

  8. Make sure to chew at least 40 times per bite. This helps with digestion and helps you to pace yourself.

  9. Speaking of pacing, go for an after dinner walk (or dance or engage in some type of movement)

  10. Deep belly nose breathing throughout the day will help keep your nerves in check. This is especially helpful around mealtime. It will help you stay in rest-and-digest mode. Shallow and/or mouth breathing cues your sympathetic nervous system to up regulate.

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