Mallorca Retreat September 2018 Registration Coming Soon!

We are so excited to announce our first retreat.  We will be going to Mallorca, Spain and registration will open next Wednesday, February 21st.  It will held September 22-29, 2018 and will focus on pulling back the veil to share EVERYTHING about deeper health - movement, nutrition, meditation and mental training, finding inner space and creating practices to transform your life course.  Disconnect from the everyday, reconnect with self, and evolve into a limitless version of YOU while enjoying Mallorca's natural beauty.  

We have partnered with Laura Cosik of Travel with Lipstick, a dear friend, athlete, adventurer and Mallorca resident to manage this luxurious, all-details-considered, truly unique experience.

This special itinerary includes various modalities of movement, hiking, trail running, cycling, canyoning, sleep strategies, two morning fasts, learning how to establish a crucial 'morning routine', an organic olive oil tour, beach relaxation, pool time, shopping, sightseeing, a healthy cooking lesson, and organic wine tasting and a pajama party!  All activities are optional...however we encourage you to experience all we have planned.  We promise that you will have plenty of time to do absolutely nothing.

There will be very limited space in this retreat, so if you are interested, please be on the lookout for registration details next Wednesday!


Our goal is to create unique and immersive movement, meditation and culinary experiences all over the world - oceans apart from the everyday – where our guests can shed their current limitations, truly relax, nourish body, mind and spirit, reconnect with self, reimagine and recreate who they can be at any stage in life. 

In a world where we are overwhelmed by the fast pace of life, Deep Health Experiences aims to give our guests the time and space to reconnect.  We believe our retreats can be transformative.  They are designed to improve your well-being, help you recharge and provide clear tools for your continued evolution long after the return home.  We wish as well, for those who join us, new and lasting memories and relationships.  

In addition to our retreats, Deep Health Evolution Experiences also will be hosting small movement, meditation/mental training and food workshops for those that want a class based structure.  Please contact us if you would like to set up a private event.